Evia island, a heaven of natural beauty!

North Evia constitutes a unique location only 160km far from the noisy Athens. You will be amazed by the beautiful beaches and the sheer paths but also by the picturesque mountain and sea side villages. Even the most demanding will be pleased in North Evia since it offers challenges for all types of visitors. You can enjoy the sea doing several sea sports, you can walk the paths and the villages, you can visit ancient monasteries and archaeological places and you can also enjoy the night life.

It worth for the visitors to visit the villages one by one since each one has its own unique identity and traditions. Walking in Agia Anna village where the picturesque houses and streets remind special memories from the past, do not forget to visit the folklore museum. Don’t Forget to make a walk to Kerasia’s waterfalls and to the museum of fossils mammals. Also a special walk for the lovers of the mountain would be the gorgeous gorge of Nilea.  The Holy Church of Saint John in Prokopi and the Monastery of Saint David on the outskirts of Xiron Oros could be a great exhibition for the visitors who enjoy the religious tourism.

As far as the beaches are concerned, you can make a walk to the peninsula of Agia Anna beach where you can find the unique beach of Sarakiniko and the beach of Saint Vasilis with its ancient little church. Also you should visit the amazing beaches next to Agia Anna, Fragaki beach, Kotsikia beach and Vasilika beach.